The Essentials of Blood pH and Acid/Alkaline Balance

Your body’s blood pH level could be the key to living — or dying. 
Acid and Alkaline Forming The human body is mostly comprised of water, hence it is an environment that must be properly maintained to function properly. 
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Why Maintaining Proper pH is Important

Everyone in the natural products industry knows that having an alkaline environment in your body through optimal pH promotes a healthy body and immune system. Those who maintain a slightly alkaline pH in the body through diet, exercise, and supplementation will generally have superior health to those who do not.
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Overcome Aging By Balancing pH and Reducing Acidity   

Aging and acidity go hand in hand. One main problem we face in aging is the inevitable build-up of acidic waste products. Removing acid from our body’s tissues and systems, but not our stomach, is a key to slowing aging. Metabolic “acidosis” occurs when there are not enough alkalizing elements present in the body.
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How Acidic Foods are Compromising Health

Here’s an article that lays out the argument for alkalizing foods vs. acidic foods which has been around for a while but still rings true…. 
Natural News – Wednesday, August 6, 2014 by: Dr. Sofiya 
When people hear the words “acidic foods” it is likely that they think of many of the citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits, that often have high levels of acidity. However, health experts say that these foods are actually beneficial to the body and do not cause it to produce high levels of acid. 
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