Aging and acidity go hand in hand. One main problem we face in aging is the inevitable build-up of acidic waste products. Removing acid from our body’s tissues and systems, but not our stomach, is a key to slowing aging. Metabolic “acidosis” occurs when there are not enough alkalizing elements present in the body.

Although we have excellent biological systems for getting rid of acidic waste products through the liver and kidneys, the lungs and the out-breath, the stomach acid, and the bicarbonate buffering system in the pancreas and blood, our unhealthy lifestyles can overwhelm the body’s ability to get the acid elimination job done.

Acid build-up occurs and  when there is over-consumption of acidic foods and protein, excessive use of prescription and recreational drugs (including coffee and alcohol), dehydration, digestive problems from low stomach acid, and excess stress resulting in the release of acidic stress hormones. When the amount of acid entering the body surpasses the body’s ability to neutralize it, a condition known as latent acidosis begins. This is the first step to the development of most chronic diseases. When you consider the fact that we are not getting the alkalizing minerals in our processed and nutrition deficient food needed to neutralize this acid build-up, is there any wonder why we have a problem?


Acidification of body tissues is the root cause of most health problems seen today. Acidic waste products are also the cause of premature aging. Acid wastes build up in the body in the form of cholesterol, gallstones, kidney stones, and calcium deposits in the joints, arterial plaque, heartburn and acid reflux, to name just a few.

Unfortunately, modern farming techniques result in depleted mineral content of the soil, increasing the necessity of this product, even for people who do consciously include fruits and vegetables in their diets. Even “organic” fruits and vegetables can’t give you what you need if the minerals aren’t in the soil.


In a word, “Alkalization”.  That’s why we developed Bio-pH and work with the strongest form of alkalizing minerals available. It’s time we all learn how fundamental alkalinity is to our bodies and how we can supplement with truly alkalizing minerals to help our bodies do the job they were designed to do. As we like to say at Intentional Health… “There is no doctor that can regulate your health as well as your own body as long as you give it what it needs”.