Living the Alkaline Lifestyle

When it comes to health, it seems we constantly hear about and get caught up in a lot of trends… especially when it comes to our diet. You’re hearing a lot about alkalinity and “being” alkaline. Living a healthy life and wellness in general has a lot more elements than just our diet or our physical well-being, but our focus here is on the fundamentals of how our physical body works.

When it comes to and discussion of alkalinity, we really have to enter into a discussion of acid vs alkaline. Consider that your body is foundationally alkaline, and functionally acidic. When it comes to acid, despite the prevalence of advertising and stomach acid-blocking products, it’s important that you maintain stomach acid, not reduce it. That’s what we mean by being “functionally acidic”. Stomach acid must be maintained for the proper digestion of food. The role of stomach acid is crucial in breaking down nutritional elements essential to the body. On the other hand, for the rest of the body to maintain its slightly alkaline state, it must maintain a constant level of alkalizing materials to counter the acid-inducing challenges our body faces in everyday life. The body is subjected to excess acid pressure by: diet/beverages, over-processed, adulterated and under-nourishing food sources, drugs, and other metabolic disruptions. What is known as “acidosis” occurs when the body’s compensatory measures to maintain its normal pH level becomes overwhelmed.

When we say the body is foundationally alkaline, we refer to the fact that a healthy body, it’s blood in particular, will always maintain a very narrow range of pH… otherwise fall into serious disease or death. Thus, the body will take heroic actions to maintain a healthy level of pH and draw the alkalizing elements it needs from bones, muscles, tissues and organs. We see the results of this struggle in the rise of problems such as; osteoporosis, weight problems, poor digestion, UTI’s, pre-mature aging, fatigue and a myriad of physical symptoms due to the fact that if your body pH is out of balance, your body cannot effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements and dietary supplements.

A healthy and alkaline lifestyle means giving your body what it needs on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. Avoid toxins (which are acidic by-the-way), eat a largely organic diet that is approximately 80% fruits and vegetables. If you eat meat, make sure it comes from “grass fed” sources. Introduce as many alkaline foods into your life as possible, and supplement your diet with the most bio-available alkalizing minerals you can find because even if your food sources are clean, they are most likely not grown in soils that contain the mineral salts necessary for a properly functioning body.

It goes almost without saying, drink sufficient water, supplement with Pro-Biotics, Essential Fatty Acids, other supplements based on seasonal and geographic conditions, and always get enough sleep and exercise.

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