What Makes Bio pH Unique?

Bio-pH is a combination of three simple minerals, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, put together in a very complex way. The composition and manufacturing processes, which are protected by multiple U.S. and foreign patents, creates a product that allows the natural ingredients to slowly dissolve throughout the digestive tract, instead of in the stomach, releasing key minerals into the bloodstream in the same way they would be if obtained in natural whole foods grown in mineral rich soil.

Unfortunately, modern farming techniques, although successful at obtaining greater and greater yields from less and less land, result in depleted mineral content of the soil, increasing the necessity of this product, even for people who do consciously include fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Bio-pH is so unique that it was granted a status as a new dietary ingredient by the FDA. In other words, we structurally created something that has never been created before: it is structurally different than anything that exists and that is why it is patentable.

Think of it as a new ingredient altogether. This is not a potassium, magnesium or calcium supplement. This is a new ingredient that was created for the express purpose of neutralizing organic acid like nothing ever before.

It is the closest thing to what mother nature intended when she created the food chain starting with these metallic salts being brought up through the soil and into the food chain by plants in small precise amounts.

Normally, these pharmaceutical\ laboratory grade metallic salts are very hot and will actually burn you. They are also very alkaline and our secret is in how we bring them together without creating any hot spots so that the body can safely absorb and use them with profound alkalizing results.