Why Alkalize?

We are born Alkaline. It’s our natural state. Our bodies are roughly 20% acidic and 80% alkaline. As a natural part of the aging process we become increasingly acidic over time. This gradual acidity was in previous generations buffered with diets consisting of more natural whole foods.

Now fast forward to today, when so much of our food supply is processed and filled with additives and preservatives, sugar and just all around junk, instead of buffering the acid produced by aging, we actually exacerbate the situation by dumping more acid into our systems moving further and further away from alkalinity.

Our bodies regulate their own pH keeping it at or as very close to 7.365 as possible, an alkaline state. In fact, it does this incredibly well and it will do so at any cost, and for good reason – veering too far off from 7.365 means serious health issues and in extreme cases death.

You see, when you subject your body to too much acid, a couple things happen:

First, your body is going to pull from whatever resources it can to buffer the excess acidity. It will strip minerals from your internal organs, your muscles, your bones, wherever it can find alkaline material to help neutralize the acid.

This taxes and weakens your system leaving you more prone and susceptible to illness and disease. As time goes on and as the amount of acid you dump into your system continues to go unchecked, your body has a harder and harder time keeping up because there is less and less alkaline reserves for it to pull from. Thus your body pH drops and the internal environment becomes more and more acidic.

Here’s the kicker – illness and disease thrive in acidic environments. As far back as the 1930′s research has been on the correlation between alkalinity and the proper functioning of the human systems. Dr. Otto Warburg, one of the twentieth century’s leading cell biologists, was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931 for his ground breaking work demonstrating that the root cause of degenerative disease is too much acidity in the body.

He also went on to state that “when the pH is wrong, oxygen falls, cells respire in an anaerobic environment by fermentation giving rise to increased acidity – cancer is a result of an ACID environment”.

So not only is your body working overtime to buffer excess acid, but it also strips minerals and nutrients from your organs thus weakening your system and making you more susceptible to disease which then thrives in an acidic environment.

It’s all one huge unhealthy downward spiral leading to degenerative disease and eventually death.

So why alkalize?

We think it’s pretty obvious. But if you don’t quite get it, try a bottle Power pH and see how you feel.